Storable indoor clothespole

Not only the area that cannot hang out the washing to dry outside easily due to air pollution but almost all homes are not concerned with the weather or day and night, but the washing is dried indoors. The spaceof outdoors for drying of the washing is narrow has influenced greatly. Moreover, going out of daytime increases in having two incomes etc., and not wanting to dry outside at the time of an absence is also related. Furthermore, "the problem of privacy" of wanting to dry indoors what not to be seen by others, such as lingerie, is one of the reasons.
When not using, it is contained by the storing box attached to the wall of the upper part of a curtain rail, and it does not become obstructive at appearance.
By pulling a right-hand side code, the lid of a storing box opens first and a clothespole comes out. In order to store, a code is pulled conversely. a clothespole comes out about 30cm to the lower part of an attachment position and about 50cm before the surface of a wall.