Sunlight-gathering system

This sunlight-gathering system carries the sunlight collected with the condenser to a required place using an optical fiber. Since the condensing machine installed in the outdoors always collects sunlight at the maximum efficiency, the lighting stabilized all day long is possible.
The sun changes the position every moment from sunrise to sunset. This system named the "sunflower" is automatic and is controlled so that the lens side of a condensing part always carries out a right pair to sunlight. This automatic tailing system is controlled by the clock function of the program built in the condensing machine, and the solar sensor of a condensing part.
Sunlight is energy indispensable, when a living thing is useful, and important. However, the portion detrimental for a life is also contained in sunlight. This system is decreasing the detrimental ultraviolet ray and infrared rays using the "color convergence difference" generated by single lens condensing. Therefore, it is kind to animals and plants, and is an effective light also for photosynthesis and other physiology activities. Moreover, since the ultraviolet ray is omitted, furniture, a carpet, etc. stop what a color gets impatient for, and that the air conditioning efficiency of summer is bad does not have them. Moreover, since it seems that water temperature rises like artificial light even when it glares to an aquarium tank, it does not become precocious.