Kitchen rubbish decomposition machine

The compost has so far been used for processing of a kitchen rubbish. However, the maintenance was troublesome. The optimal temperature is maintained by heater and this kitchen rubbish decomposition machine is mixed suitably.
This machine can process to about 2kg per day by the highly efficient decomposition function. The kitchen rubbish of a day with many home parties and visitors can also be disassembled.
The new material biotech- ball which made natural quality of a fiber the conventional biochip at the base is mixed. Processing of it is possible as a maintenance adds a biotech- ball every about three months. A cassette tray is automatically covered with the part which increased after decomposition processing, and it can reuse a kitchen rubbish as manure for horticulture.
A kitchen rubbish will be disassembled into water, carbon dioxide, etc. in abbreviation one day using the decomposition system of the nature by the microbe.