Warm air blow-off clothespole

If this clothespole with which warm air comes out is installed in a bathroom, the washing can also dry a rainy day in a bathroom. Moreover, the 2kg washing can dry in a short time for about 170 minutes. Furthermore, unlike a rotation type clothes dryer, since this is a hanger type, clothing does not become wrinkles and it does not damage clothing. If it is summer, a heater is turned off and refreshing breeze operation can also dry clothing.
Moreover, it can use not only for clothing dryness but for heating of a bathroom.
In operation, electric cost is about 1 yen for a refreshing breeze about 150 yen in warm air for 170 minutes.
An attachment holder is attached in the surface of a wall on either side with a pin or a wood screw. The length of a flexible pipe is adjusted and a product is fixed to an attachment holder.