Home lift

For elderly people,up and down of stairs are difficult.In Japan, since the site of a residence is narrow, a three-story house is also increasing.
From such a background, the needs of the lift which can be installed in a narrow space ,a low price and safe have been increasing.
The size of the room of an lift is frontage of 1000mm and depth of 610mm, and two adults can ride together.
It can install in a small installation space with a frontage 1700mm and a depth of 790mm.
the "tatami" is traditionally used as a flooring material in Japan.This size has been the standard of room arrangement of Japan.This home lift size is a little smaller than one tatami sheet
This home lift can be installed from 2 stories to 3 stories. Moreover, it is the rope drive instead of the oil pressure drive in which there is the smell of oil.
The installed home lift is directly linked with control center on-line by the remote surveillance system. failure of apparatus and shutting up etc. a report of failure of apparatus and shutting up etc. is received automatically and the accident is quickly run to the spot for open throughout the year and 24 hours